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 Look no further than Wonder Bars! Made with real wonder bar chocolate mushroom, these chocolate bars are perfect for any chocolate lover.


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Look no further than Wonder Bars! Made with real wonder bar chocolate mushroom. These chocolate bars are perfect for any chocolate lover.

Wonder Bars are chocolate treats unlike any other you’ve ever tried before. You’ll never look at candy bars the same way again after eating one of these unique chocolate treats, which are made with real mushrooms!

With three different flavors to choose from, you’re sure to find your favorite flavor among Wonder Bars – Chew Bar, Bliss Bar, and Power Bar. Each of these chocolate treats has a unique blend of all-natural ingredients to ensure that you’re receiving the most nutritious food possible without sacrificing taste or texture.

Buy Wonder Bar online

Wonder Bars are one of our newest products from CannaBanana Edibles. A Wonder Bar is 100% organic and contains only mushroom-infused banana bread baked in Denver’s highest-quality dark chocolate. dmt cartridge deadhead chemist

Each bar contains 10mg of THC. Making it an easy solution for patients who want to feel relief without having to smoke or vape their medicine.

Wonder Bars look just like high-quality dark chocolate bars and provide great taste as well as an enjoyable experience every time you take one bite. Wonder Bars can be eaten anytime and anywhere because they are individually wrapped.

Making them convenient to eat on the go. They also come in three different flavors: Chocolate Banana Bread, Coconut Banana Bread, and Peanut Butter Banana Bread. Wonder Bars make a bubba c strain great gift idea for friends and family members that enjoy cannabis or edibles.

They can be purchased online at TRIPPY MUNCHIES or call the numbers +14087211177.  Wonder Bars are available at select dispensaries across Colorado.

Including The Clinic Colorado Dispensary in Denver, and Harvest of Tempeh & Kush in Fort Collins. And The Green Solution Dispensary in Boulder. If your favorite dispensary doesn’t carry Wonder Bars yet, ask them to contact us so we can get Wonder Bars into their store!

The History of the Wonder Bar

The Wonder Bar was created in California by an anonymous medical marijuana patient who was experimenting with various recipes to get quick relief from his back pain. After much trial and error (and plenty of stomach aches).

He found that adding fresh shiitake mushrooms to low-dose chocolate candies alleviated his aches and pains without making him feel stoned.

He even says that at first, he had doubts about whether or not it would work and felt silly when people asked what kind of mushroom. But now Wonder Bars have grown into one of our most popular edibles.

So if you’re looking for a healthy, natural way to relieve your aches and pains while enjoying some yummy treats, look no further than Wonder Bars! They’re just as effective as other topicals on the market but don’t make you high like THC does.

And they taste great too! You can order Wonder Bars online today. You won’t regret it! Order Wonder Bars online today! #edibles #chocolatemushrooms #shroomchocolatebar


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